Finger Sloths


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Product Name: SLOTH
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Kingsley the Fingerlings Baby Sloth loves to grab onto things… especially your fingers! Your unique little pet makes special sloth sounds in response to noise, motion & touch. Kingsley will respond to you and let you know how he feels with his adorable blinking eyes and head turns. You’ll get different reactions if you pet him, rock him to sleep, or hold him upside down. If you blow Kingsley a kiss, he will kiss you right back. Slow & steady wins your heart! Kingsley is this Baby Sloth's name... Slow and Silly is his claim to fame! Fingerlings Sloths respond to sound, motion, and touch with blinking eyes, head turns, and silly sloth sounds. Blow a kiss and Kingley will kiss you back! Hang Kingsley upside-down by his tail! Pet Kingsley to sleep or make a loud noise and watch him get excited! Fingerlings are available in different colors and will sing together - Collect them all! (each sold separately)

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