Some LED Shoes Of

Some LED Shoes Of

The Saguaro Sneaker for both ladies and gentlemen are real all-rounders in the white color version.The upper material that is made of synthetic leather is water resistant and durable. However the shoes should not be washed, but only wiped gently with a soft cloth. The sensitive electronics are very vulnerable and they could get damaged if washed. The inside of the materials are made from textile that gives a pleasant wearing feeling and the shoes light in seven different colors. The duration is approximately eight to ten hours with two to three hours of charging time. The shoes can be loaded through the mobile phone when on the road. Naturally, the matching charger cable is included in the scope of delivery. You can set the colors to change when wearing on the shoes with a hidden button. There you can change the color of the automatic color change or set to blink. When you purchase you should purchase one number larger, because they were slightly smaller.

Genuine combination talents are the black Ladies Sneaker High Led Light color changing shoes. Black fits pretty much fit to any outfit and with the LED lights come with the necessary glamour. The upper material is made from synthetic material and is extremely durable and comes in high-quality leather. The textile inner material makes for a pleasant wearing, the shoe width is normal. Laces hold the shoe securely on the foot. The high sneaker is the perfect companion for ladies in warmer times of year because they are not stuffed. Of course, the sneakers carry also their suitable USB charging cable. If the shoes to should light steadily or blink, it’s just a matter of adjustment. Blinking is possible in plain color or with changing colors. Also the permanent light with one color is possible, depending on your mood and your personal preferences.

The bright red shoes from Topteck have a normal shoe width and are made from durable synthetic leather. The lining is made from synthetic; they’re fastened by using laces. The beacon light strip has a switch to change the colors easily. The charging time via the USB-cable takes about two to three hours and can be done on any notebook, PC or any USB-socket. The operating time of the shoes is around eight to ten hours. Due to the sensitive electronics, the shoes should not be washed, but only wiped with a soft cloth. Anyone who wants an automatic color change will not be disappointed with the LED sneakers. Setting the color to change will illuminate all the seven colors one after the other.

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